About Us

Our mission

We’re a new Insurance business, but are staffed with experienced people who have a long track record in the industry.

We feel that the insurance buying experience offered to small businesses hasn’t changed for years – it’s become easier to shop for and buy your personal insurance for car and home, but we can’t see the same advancements being offered for your business needs. 

We’re not saying we’ve got this perfect from day one, but we think it’s a good place to start and we will be looking to improve it as we develop and as you our customers feed back to us on what you like and what you’d like us to improve.

What we stand for

We want to help you find the product and cover you need for your business.

We will try to make this as simple and straightforward as we can as we realise that your time is your money and if we can’t help you, we will tell you as soon as it becomes apparent that is the case.

We aren’t trying to be all things to all people and we’re not claiming to be the cheapest you could possibly find, but we hope to offer you a good quality service at a fair price.

Where we’re going

We’ve just launched and started to develop our next propositions and it would be great to hear what you would like us to help with or your views on our website, products and service – you can give us feedback.

Our plan is to continue to develop new products and ways of adding value to our community of customers, helping you in any way we can and learning more about what you want and need.