Unlike our ducks you don’t want a bill especially for people who have accidents whilst involved with your business.

This is where public, product and employee liability can come in handy. Fortunately we’ve quacked it and you can get covered here.

At Monty we can provide cover for up to 10 people for lots of different trades including builders, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, musicians, cleaners, entertainers and painters and decorators

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Rubber duck dressed as a tradesman
Rubber ducks in a shopping basket

Shops & Retail

A duck walks into a shop and asks for chapstick, when the pharmacist hands it to him the duck replies “just put it on my bill”…

Don’t worry our insurance is much better than the jokes here.

We provide cover from beauty salons and hairdressers to coffee shops and grocers so if you own a shop or retail premises from anywhere from the high street to the local village shop we’ve got you covered.

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A duck walks up to a Landlord and say's "i'll take your room, will you take a down payment?". The landlord replies "I'd rather be paid in money"

Yes, that's the worst joke yet but if you need residential landlord cover where you can cover up to 10 properties then Monty might be the place for you.

We offer standard cover for buildings, employers liability, public liability and legal expenses and the good news is we offer an additional cover option for contents cover should you need it.

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