Why shops & retail insurance?

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Monty Shop & Retail insurance has you covered, whether you’re based in a village or in the high street or anywhere in between.

We provide cover for beauty salons and hairdressers to coffee shops and grocers, you can also change the cover to meet your needs, not some randoms needs.

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Our cover explained

Monty Shop and Retail Insurance gives you:

  • Public liability and products liability up to £5 million
  • Accidental damage as part of contents cover
  • Employers liability cover up to £10 million
  • 24/7 claim line
  • Contents of up to £1,000,000
  • Legal expenses as standard

To view a summary of what’s included and not included please read our summary of cover at the bottom of the page

Claims explained

We’re aiming to help our customers in as many ways as possible and one great example of how we can help is a claim that was put in for an employers liability claim.

The policyholder ran a small family business and the employee who was claiming had ‘injured’ themselves due to a wet floor being mopped up with no warning sign about and they had ‘slipped’.

Our crack team of claims experts (not ducks) were able to locate CCTV footage of the claimant looking around to check no one was around and then laying down and faking injury. Fortunately our claims team were able to protect the customer from false claims and even better helped them prosecute the member of staff who had made a horrible false claim.

All in all a great result for honest customers everywhere.

Our claims promise

We will always try to talk to you to let you know what’s happening with your claim and once a claim is settled we will usually pay out in less than 48 hours.

Need to make a claim?

View our claims page for more information.


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