Do I need public liability cover?

In short public liability isn’t compulsory by law however many businesses take out public liability to protect themselves from high compensation costs and to satisfy the requirement of clients.

Public liability cover can protect you if you are sued for causing injury or damage to a member of public, customers, suppliers or passerby relating to your work.

If you come into contact with people in one of the following ways you may wish to consider public liability:

  • If you are visited at your place of work, i.e. shop, hairdresser, beauty salon or barbers
  • If you work in private spaces, i.e. you’re a tradesman working on peoples homes.
  • If you work in public spaces i.e. you’re a builder and any work you carry out could lead to injury or damage to someone passing by.

It’s your choice whether you wish to take out public liability cover however it’s worth noting many clients insist on seeing evidence of your Public Liability insurance before working with your business.