Starting a bouncy castle hire business? Make sure you ask yourself these questions

It’s exciting that you are starting a Bouncy Castle hire firm, no less a business that you’ll get paid for bringing happiness to a load of kids in the process.

There are a few things to be aware of though when starting a bouncy castle hire firm and this article tackles some of those questions you should be asking before you get going or if you’re already up and running this might just help evolve your lovely business.


First up is how to choose a good inflatable castle, pirate ship, super hero or any other thing you can imagine. You need to know the age of your audience. their party theme and whether you have the right type of inflatable to suit their needs. If you’re starting out, a generic castle may be a good way to go however in time you may wish to branch out into key themes that kids love.

Now you’ve got your inflatable castle next up is the marketing plan. This is where it starts to get exciting, reaching out to your customers.

What you want to start up is a good modern website that is optimised for mobiles, tablets and desktops, a site that answers all the questions customers have and one that is easy to find on a search engine like google. However if you have a limited budget you could start with a facebook business page for free to get your business out there and create something for people to look at and get a feel for your business.

Next up and very important is the risk of injury with small kids flying through mid air at speed. What you don’t need is an injured child and a very angry parent pointing the finger at your business. Therefore you should aim to get £1 million of public liability cover as a minimum and if you have employees you also need employers liability cover.


So you’ve got your inflatable, website and insurance covered, that’s great. Next up is the need to ask the right questions before taking that job. Below is a list of the most useful questions you might want to ask yourself…

  1. How far away is the nearest power source?
  2. Is the inflatable being installed on concrete? What happens if there is bad weather and you cannot tether the inflatable?
  3. How much room is required to tether safely, usually you need 2ft extra to the sides, 3 ft to the back and 4 ft to the front for crash mats.
  4. What if it rains? Is your inflatable suitable for light rain or does risk of injury to kids increase? If it’s a torrential downpour it’s definitely not safe to let kids play on the bouncy castle.
  5. Have you got your insurance covered for public liability? If you have employees do you have employers liability too?
  6. Do you have plans to clean your bouncy castle regularly? Lots of sticky and sweaty hands clambering all over your bouncy castle won’t leave it clean for long.
  7. Is it checked regularly from a safety perspective?

Hopefully the above has been useful. Our next article will be about setting up a bouncy castle and the things to look out for on the day.